Training Provision and Service Line Expertise

Service Range

Alitco Consulting shares a common purpose with its clients and provides seamless services that enable their business process transformation from the creation of corporate strategies to the building, maintenance and operation of IT systems.

Our professionals in each service area of business consulting, enterprise applications and outsourcing mutually coordinate their experience and specialties and work as a team to provide high value-added services and contribute to enhancing the enterprise value of our clients.

Enterprise Applications

By leveraging our in-depth business knowledge and advanced IT capability, we provide integrated services from the planning to the development of IT systems that will, ensure maximum achievement of the intended objectives.

We will utilize Alitco Consulting’s proven methodology and industry-specific templates to enable the development of quality cost-effective systems, and vigorously support our clients in realizing their strategies.

The Financial Advisory segment delivers consulting services that build on a strong financial- analytical fundamental. Service offerings span a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Detailed financial and economic analysis. Detailed financial and tax due diligence. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).
  • Valuation and Strategy.
  • Business Reorganization services.

We provide Business advisory services intending to support undertakings to identify strengths and
overcome weaknesses in specific areas. A range of business advisors services are available and every
effort is made to match the right advisor to the specific needs of the applicant. This includes:

  • Effectiveness of Business Process
  • Risk Management and Optimization of internal controls Business Optimization
  • Strategic Planning and Business Process Management

PFM refers to the set of laws, rules, systems, and processes used by the government and various entities to mobilize revenue, allocate public funds, undertake public spending, account for funds, and audit results.

Our program encompasses a broader set of functions and is conceived as a cycle of six phases, beginning with policy design and ending with external audit and evaluation.

The key objective is to engage in the “PFM cycle” to ensure it operates effectively and transparently, whilst preserving accountability.

It is imperative that resources are planned, directed, and controlled to enable and influence the efficient and
effective delivery of public service goals.

We have a number of programs under PFM these are:

  • IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System), PFM Policy & Implementation
  • Managing The Tax Risk, New Tax Law Compliance
  • Public Sector Planning, Budgeting & Financial Data Analysis & Reporting Budget Cycle Management
  • County Planning including the County Integrated Development Plans, Annual Development Plans,
  • Public Procurement at the county level Public participation
  • Effectiveness of county assembly / executive committee meetings
  • PFM Law, Budgeting, Planning for Government Programs & Performance Contracting.

The training is designed to empower and develop visionaries by shaping the emergence of a clear, compelling
purpose and vision that resonates throughout the organization.

The program also enhances leadership skills, personal influence, as well as explores strategies for building a team of strong professionals, who will support each other in dealing with tough problems efficiently and take accountability.

We focus on tactful leadership practices that are effective in any organization to translate the vision into measurable outcomes that empowered teams can work towards.

Our teams of experts offer strategic advice and assist organizations design, review and implementing
workplace policies.

Our policy analysis program is addressed in a systematic process for civil servants and other public sector officials to examine and evaluate existing problems, devise solutions, create policies, and implement them across the organization.

We conduct scientific research, including;
i. Feasibility studies
ii. Baseline surveys
iii. Follow-up surveys
iv. Mid-term evaluations
v. End line evaluations

In this era of extreme competition, one of the strategies to be a successful organization is to attract potential
candidates for any particular post and retain the key employees to have a better and highly motivated

Our program helps in expanding dimensions to assess employees’ performance and management
through the Performance Management System (PMS).

PMS elaborates how the organization aligns the performance management system with the organizational
system and articulates the company business objectives to the individual goals.

Gender equality is a fundamental right.

Our gender mainstreaming programs help workplaces in the (re)organization, improvement, development, and
evaluation of processes so that a gender equality perspective is incorporated in all policies, at all levels, and
at all stages by all actors.

Our training programs explore a variety of gender equality strategies, namely; tinkering, tailoring, and transforming while providing learners with a step–by–step process for gender mainstreaming.

The gender mainstreaming programs include;

I. Gender Mainstreaming Sensitization
II. Gender Mainstreaming Committee Training
III. Gender Responsive Budgeting

Stress is very common in contemporary society.

The ability to manage stress in the workplace can not only improve physical and emotional health but can also make the difference between success and failure on the job.

Stress management in the workplace requires more than just helpful tips. It calls for concerted effort to assist
employees to deal with life stressors and acquire relevant skills to enable them to meet their work targets and enhance their productivity.

Our stress management programs include;

I. Stress management awareness
II. Effective stress management skills

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) constitute a strategic response to meeting the diverse needs of a
working population and, to meeting the humanist agenda of organizations of which they are a part.

They seek to provide services to remediate the problems that employees experience, often without a causal relationship to their work, that interfere with employees’ productivity on the job and sometimes with their general well-being.

We help workplaces define a comprehensive framework for the operationalization of an EAP which includes the
program structure, administrative and operative procedures for the implementation of the Employee
Assistance (EA) services.

We design EAP policies with full consideration and adhere to all relevant Kenyan laws, national policies, and regulatory practices regarding the delivery and operations of the EA services.

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that a dedicated set of appointed people are set to Mobilize institutions to collectively and effectively advocate for improved services and assist in creating an advocacy action plan to address arising problems in communities.

The role of training in developing and maintaining effective hazard control activities is incalculable and is a proven and successful method of intervention in occupational health and safety.

Our tailored programs assist companies to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well-being of workers; prevent departures from health caused by their working conditions; place and maintain workers in an environment adapted to their physiological and psychological capabilities; and, to adapt work to man and each man to his job.

Organizations face increasing pressure to manage their records according to statutory and business requirements.

As the use of electronic records and the deployment of electronic document and records management systems continue to increase, the core skills of the person responsible for records management become ever more important to the organization.

In many cases, appropriate data protection and compliance will depend upon a good records management system.

Alitco Consultancy Solutions records management program is a powerful blend of theory and practice, designed to offer a step-by-step process of (re)aligning records management technology, roles, processes, and strategy to create a successful records management system that integrates numerous resources to manage and leverage value from corporate information.

This includes the classifications, lifecycles, retention, storage, disposal, control, and operating procedures among internal and external stakeholders.

The disaster preparedness of institution’s and organizations can be defined as the management of resources and
responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies in order to lessen the impact of disasters
Geophysical, hydrological (e.g Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunami, and Volcanic activity) Climatological and meteorological (e.g. Drought, Avalanches, and floods)

Alitco offers procurement and supply chain management consulting that transforms our client’s procurement function to optimize supply chain business processes and deliver large- scale cost reductions to their businesses.

We help unlock the potential savings that give clients a competitive advantage through innovative PSM approaches.

We aim to help attain cost efficiencies in PSM activities; support the timely procurement of quality-assured products in adequate quantities; ensure the reliability and security of distribution systems; and enable the monitoring of all PSM activities.

Our client-tailored PSM consulting services cover all facets of procurement and supply chain management and include:
• PSM of commodities
• PSM planning, forecasting and risk assessment
• Procurement transformation
• Quantification and budgeting
• Supply chain inventory optimization
• Procurement & supply chain strategy development and execution
• Procurement and supply management (PSM) system assessments
• PSM systems strengthening
• Capacity building and providing technical assistance
• Business process re-engineering
• Supply chain monitoring and evaluation
• Business process improvement
• Stock control, monitoring, warehousing and distribution
• Training on inventory management
• Logistics management

Through close collaboration with our clients, Advantech offers financial and grant management services that innovatively strengthen financial and grant management systems and procedures.

Our team of consultants in this field has invaluable expertise in: grant/budget management; domestic and international institutional grant management; troubleshooting and problem solution; establishing necessary financial procedures; reinforcing internal controls; identifying financial risks; and other best practices related to project financial & grant management.

Our service offering under this segment include:
• Financial controls and systems development, implementation and maintenance
• Financial forecasting and planning
• Financial Performance Management assessment
• Financial due diligence
• Financial tracking, recording and reporting to stakeholders
• Budget design in support of funding proposals
• Project budgets management ensuring that all financial transactions are properly
• processed, recorded and reported
• Stakeholder liaison to guarantee cohesion between the financial transactions and
• project activities
• Project related grants oversight from inception to completion
• Financial transactions and reporting procedures compliance

In today’s global market, strong and effective project governance and leadership is critical.

The ability to successfully manage risk while delivering value is critical, and emphasizes the importance of high-quality governance and controls.

Our work in health systems strengthening focuses on the performance and interconnectedness of health system building blocks – service delivery, health workforce, strategic information, commodities, health facilities assessments, health financing, and leadership and governance.

We provide high-quality technical assistance that focuses on national priorities and builds on and maximizes the effectiveness of a country’s existing resources.

At Alitco, we take pride in our experience as having been able to develop original concepts and solutions to solve unique problems for the private and public sector.

Our process to execute successful concept development involves an intricate development process that follows the basic principles of research and development to offer irreplaceable solutions to organizations presenting a vast array of needs.

This stems from analyzing and studying organizational or business domains, processes or systems, assessing their business models, identifying the need for change, initiating and actualizing the change so as to maximize value to the stakeholders by integrating them with technology.

Alitco’s offering regarding M&E includes development of M&E plans, Project Implementation plans an Alitcos’s offering regarding M&E includes development of M&E plans, Project Implementation plans and M&E frameworks.

Continuous data collection before, during and after program roll out (monitoring), as well as measuring outcomes, impact and effectiveness of programmes (evaluation).

The reliability of conclusions and evaluations depends to a large extent on the manner in which monitoring and evaluation is conducted. To assess performance, it is necessary to select, before the implementation of the project, indicators, which will permit the rating of the targeted outputs and outcomes.

In our experience, an outcome indicator has two components: the baseline, which is the situation before the programme or project begins, and the target, which is the expected situation at the end of the project. An output indicator that does not have any baseline as the purpose of the output is to introduce something that does not exist yet.

The progress and success of projects is vital to project sustainability, thus comprehensive M&E and reporting resources are essential. Our support includes designing and implementing M&E systems, M&E system strengthening, M&E frameworks, capacity building to ensure organizations observe accurate and up to date M&E practices as well as well as assisting organizations in identifying optimum M&E technical support.

Other M&E service offerings include:
• Evaluation and research: impact and outcome evaluations, performance assessments, process evaluations and formative research
• Monitoring support: monitoring/performance frameworks, indicators and plans, data quality audits/assessments
• Capacity building: training and workshops, M&E systems development and support and mentoring
• Data visualization: database design, dashboard reporting systems and knowledge management

Alitco invests in research and development on topical issues in areas such as cross border trade facilitation, health systems strengthening, health facilities assessments, best practice e-learning for marginalized communities among others.

Through our research and development, we are able to build and expand our knowledge in fields where we have experience as well as discovering unchartered territories.

This offers us insights into new domains and platforms to engage development partners and peers as well as collaborate in fashioning and developing unprecedented solutions to conventional processes as well as optimizing business and programmatic processes.

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