Alitco Consultancy Accomplishment

Alitco Consultancy Accomplishment

To pursue opportunities around the globe, Alitco Consulting has forged partnerships with several agencies in the
development sector. Together with our development partners, we have successfully delivered a vast array of projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our sub – Saharan experience includes projects.

Some of these projects include:

  • Alitco has offered business process optimization, risk and project management and quality assurance.
  • Strategic Business Consulting and Training provisions to government agencies and blue-chip
    companies in East Africa.
  • Alitco has been Eastern Africa regional partner for Grants Management Solutions (GMS) which is a USAID funded project focused on providing financial management, procurement and supply chain management, governance and oversight, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Alitco Consultancy Solutions has supported and participated in market penetration strategies of foreign companies and trade facilitation and growth of agriculture, health and education through projects.
  • Provided training and strategies to improve public financial management for the government of
  • Supported the Ministry of Health in grant making for revision of budgets and entrenching good governance.
  • End of project evaluations for Kenya Marine Fisheries, KICP Projects.
  • Entrenching employee wellness program through training provisions at ATRACO: Ashton EPZ LTD, Mombasa Apparel LTD, Coast Apparel LTD ongoing project.

Our extensive experience and accumulated expertise make it possible to achieve real business transformation.

How We Can Help Your Business

Alitco Method

Alitco Method is a comprehensive methodology unique to Alitco Consulting which covers the entire project lifecycle.

An assortment of seven types of methodology based on a wealth of experience and proven performance in projects both domestic and international, ensures:

• Visibility of complex implementation processes,
• Achievement of homogenous, high-quality project results,
• Achievement of smooth communications through a common language and understanding.

This is part of the added value we provide to help with our customers’ business transformation.

Alitco Template

Alitco Template is a solution reflecting knowledge and experience gained through numerous projects, comprising business processes, requirements definition documentation and actual operational environments.

This solution provides templates built on three elements: a systematic compilation of business processes based on previous cases, standard documentation produced for projects, and actual full-scale system environments.

A rich lineup of templates is available, categorized by topic and industry, including a Demand-Supply Template, a Railway Template and a commercial Trading Firm Template.

This makes it possible to shorten system implementation times compared to using overseas packages or development from scratch. It also provides the flexibility needed to facilitate future system upgrades as desired.

Industry Framework

Industry Framework is a business process model differentiated by industry category. Our business process models differentiated by industry reflect many years’ accumulated know-how, as well as knowledge and experience with numerous industries.

These models encompass a broad range of industries such as manufacturing, finance and logistics, enabling us to:
• Efficiently research the current state of business,
• Ensure comprehensiveness relative to current business processes, and
• Promote the optimal future business process design.

These are some of the ways in which we can promptly identify the business processes that are special to an industry and support the customer’s enterprise.

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