Efficiency Improvement Consulting

Founded on the principles of partnership, innovation, and integrity, Alitco Consultancy Solutions has been a beacon of excellence in the consultancy domain.

Learn about our journey, our mission to empower businesses globally, and meet the visionary team behind our success.

Our Vision

Once a partner and forever after we shall be your real partner, Kenya in origin but global in scope, we are not bound by anyone stereotypical globalization
strategy, instead, we take the at most advantage of the characteristics of our clients and locale

Our Mission

We bring success to the clients, continuously contribute towards enhancing their corporate value, care for people and deliver results for innovation.

Core Values

With our eye, on a common future and sharing the pleasure of success together as a Real Partner, we are honest and passionate in our consulting work as we seek our clients real needs for change

Client Centric -Love for our clients

We are proud of always thinking in terms of what’s best for our clients: offering solutions that are not only theoretical but also practical and workable.

Professional Excellency – Outstanding Professionalism

We offer services of superb quality based on our accumulated, extensive and profound knowledge and experience.

Power of diversity- The respect for diverse individuals

We share a corporate culture of mutually respecting individual abilities and in turn helping one another to grow, our growth is our clients growth

Collaboration/collegiality – Teams strength

We have brought together all Alitco consulting individual abilities into our corporate power. In working as, a team that includes our clients, we also share a common goal with our clients and take full advantage of each other’s wisdom and experience.

New Global Dimension- Original Global Outlook

We know how to proceed with our business, absorbing all best practices in the world as our own while respecting the locally prevailing value systems.