Business Consulting Line Expertise

Business Consulting Line Expertise

We provide integrated service from the creation of well-balanced strategies in terms of “maximizing
corporate value”, “competitive superiority” and “feasibility and viability” to the realization of those

Specialists in each service area form an interdisciplinary team to achieve the desired renovation. Business
transformation throughout the entire company is achieved by providing excellent service in an integrated

Provided Services

• Talent management
• Human resource system transformation
• Personnel development.
• Organization development (OD)
• Human resource operations transformation (human resource BPR, shared service)
• Human resource system construction support
• Knowledge management (technical heritage, skill equalization)
• Global human resource management

• Research & evaluation of technology trends
• Startup discovery & service development
• Innovation activity support
• Networking support
• Innovation workshop implementation support

• Al/BI action strategy
• Al/BI technology
• Data utilization systems and operational support
• Data analysis training
• Data analysis operation

• Enhance group supply chain performance
• Standazitaion of supply chain management and implementation
• Logistics transformation

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